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News Buying the Ka-8B 6meter Glider

Ka-8b 6000 arrived. 

Assembled it on Sunday 12/01/2014. 

Will be working on fitting on the controls & computer and doing some tests. Still waiting for the Radio controller

Project Page for Programme Developers

I'm setting up a project page to work from. If you have an interest in linux / Android / micro controllers / Processing...programming. Then click "read more" to visit page. 

News Putting the team together.

Some people have been helpful and given time and equipment to the project. Unfortunatly I have not found anyone wanting to commit to this initiative. There is a lot to  do.


Collection of Videos on the RC aircraft.


I have my own opinions about the poaching and why another approach is needed. I think that the solution can come about with an advanced UAV system

Losing our Rhinos

Despite the best efforts to combat poachers. The rhino are being killed off at a rapid rate. The game parks are too big to be guarded using vehicles or foot patrols. Even helicopters are unfit and ineffective in patrolling and spotting poachers. Unfortunatly a lot of money has been used on ineffective ground operations which have been unable to respond in time. Poachers are able slip past patrols and are very effective in tracking down the rhino.

Thermal Vision Cameras

Up untill resently thermal vision camers have been large and expensive. Small TAU cores are now available in medium resolution. Thermal vision is far more advanced than simple night vision. With thermal vision a person will be able to scan the country side at a distance at a very fast rate and be able pick out a heat signature of a warm body. The cameras work best in the dead of night. They can be incorporated with recognition programs so that they automatically alert when they find a heat signature in particular areas.

Team Leader

(Project Arrow)

Hi my name is Tyrell. I'm 30 years old. I have an interest building micro controller projects and flying. Hoping to use what skills and knowledge I have to put a very efficient surveillance UAV over the Kruger National Park for long periods of time which will gather intelligent information to find & identify poachers and alert ground efforts.

Mini Solar UPS

capable of running a standard desktop PC for 8hours during sunlight


Mobile Solar UPS

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

8 / 10 / 2017

Testing the controller program over the Internet.

Code runs on the WIFI and over 3G

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